Posted by: ecckayak | March 1, 2014

March 1, 2014

March 1, 2014

Rounding the “Hole in the Wall”, southeast channel looking east at Nauset Beach. Launch from either the very end of Tonset Road, or Snow Shore Landing off Champlain Road, both landing’s in East Orleans.

Nauset Marsh is bright and clear, brisk and beautiful today. It’s been almost two months since we paddled last. Eighteen years we’ve been paddling this marsh, and this might be the longest stretch of time between paddles for us.

We haven’t been sitting around eating bon-bons though. The holidays were great. I even made a New Years Resolution! For me to make a resolution shocked Linda, who after thirty-three years together has never heard me make a resolution or even consider one. My New Years Resolution is not to volunteer for anything new in 2014! I have already started to act upon the resolution, which has brought me to the marsh on this lovely morning.

Slowly I rise and lower myself between the tight combing. Layers of clothing swell, my Chota mukluks seem to large for the Wilderness Systems Tempest cockpit. After all it is winter kayaking; dress for warmth. There is no rush. Instead, the senses open to the lapping of water and awaken to the cool 25 F degree air. The tide is flowing cold Atlantic water, still below 40 degrees F, into the marsh, to battle for our attention against the radiating heat from the sun.

For me, the first paddle of the new year brings out even more passion from within this already energized body. A rush of surrender spreads wide over the wet shore. The taste of salt air remains upon my uppermost lip. Warm air from my breathe fogs my sunglasses, reaching over my deck, stretching the bungee, releasing the shami cloth, I am momentarily in solitude. A naughty gleam tempers my eyes.

The call. Follow the horizon. To the soft, smooth lines of dune slope. To mounds washed over, mounds washed through – their sand deposited here, their sand traveling there.

Movement. On the water again. Launching, gliding, my body immediately gyrates before settling into a cadence, around me the animated world of crystaline sparkles spank the ocean surface, my blade carving a path into the heavy water. I am wrapped, insulated, pushing with my legs, pushing and pulling, my torso pulses, as my bow rises. Forward toward the contours that stretch out upon the beach, in patterns of gold-spun dreams.


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